Raven Front View

   Raven Radio Inc. was a small radio manufacturing company in Albany, New York. The superheterodyne as pictured here was first offered as a kit starting in September, 1924. The radio has three large dials and at first glance it looks like a common 3-dialer TRF of the period. This radio only has two main tuning dials that tune in stations though (the large dial on the left and the large dial in the middle). The large dial on the right is not a main tuning dial as its purpose is to set the grid bias voltage on the IF amplifier stages (it controls the gain of the IF amplifier).
     The cabinet on my set is in very good shape and it has the original finish. I suspect that this radio came as a complete set of parts, including the engraved front panel and the professionally made cabinet. The radio is in fairly good shape but it does have some problems. The main problem visible from the outside is the extra holes drilled in the front panel (three on the left side of the panel and two between the Two main tuning dials). Here are a few more particulars of this set:

    1. The engraved front panel measures 18” by 7” by 3/16”.
    2. Raven Superheterodyne Kit IF transformer block assembly (contains one filter transformer and three IF transformers).
    3. Raven oscillator coil, rheostats, and tube sockets.
    4. Other Raven parts could include the two tuning capacitors, the battery terminal strip, the cabinet, and the oak base panel.
    5. The audio transformer is missing but it was probably a Raven.
    6. New York Coil Co. Inc. bypass condenser.
    7. Seven tubes.

Raven top chassis view

     Top of the chassis inside the cabinet. The audio transformer is missing the the right side of the base board. The layout of parts is very compact.

Raven rear angle chassis view

     Rear angle view of the chassis.

Raven Oscillator Coils

     Raven oscillator coil.

Raven IF amplifier

     Raven IF transformer block assembly. This assembly contains four transformers and three tube sockets. The assembly has been overheated and it needs to be replaced.

Raven Blueprint 9-3-1924

     A photo of original blueprints for the Raven superheterodyne dated September 3, 1924. My set is laid out identical to these blueprints. Notice that the main tuning capacitors shown on the blueprints are the same type as in the radio. The radio was most likely assembled from a complete kit from Raven.

Raven Front Angle View

     Front angle view of the Raven superhet.

Raven advertisement Dec 1924 Popular Radio

     Raven advertisement from the December, 1924, Popular Radio magazine.

Raven Front Panel Engraving

     Close up view of the engraved Raven Radio logo. Most of the paint has weathered out of the engraving.

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