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     Nighthawk, or Night-Hawk superheterodyne, from about 1925. The seller of this radio called it a 1920s superheterodyne using Remler parts. However, the only Remler parts I could tell were the two tuning capacitors and associated dials. I was hoping I could identify an actual maker of the IF transformers and oscillator coupler when I could examine it in detail. The front hard rubber panel was broken. I repaired the broken panel with super glue, then used 2000 grit sandpaper and polishing compound to make it shine. In general, it looks much better in person than what these photos show.

Nighthawk 3

     Close up view of the IF transformers, compared with two different versions of the Baldwin-Pacific type transformers. The BP transformer on the left has a brass sleeve for a housing and the BP transformer on the right has a cardboard sleeve for a housing. The IF transformers in the radio look like Baldwin-Pacific transformers that have had copper shielding added to them.

Nighthawk 5

     Close-up view of a transformer after removal from the set. The transformer is indeed a Baldwin-Pacific transformer, but someone has scratched off all the information that reveals it was Baldwin-Pacific leaving only the model number of the transformer.

Nighthawk 6

     After moving the copper shielding from the bottom of the transformer it reveals “The Night-Hawk.” The oscillator coupler had a label at one time but the label was removed. Someone removed all traces that this superheterodyne was based on a Baldwin-Pacific kit and added their own name. The baseboard of this radio is unlike any other 1920s superhet that I’ve seen. The baseboard has large holes drilled in it with metal sleeves for the tube sockets. This seems like too much work to do for the general home builder. I suspect the baseboard of this radio was sold in a kit, along with the modified Baldwin-Pacific parts. Maybe the complete set was built by a radio shop?

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