Triumphal Passage of United States Troops through Salt Lake City on June 26, 1858

In Search of

Johnston’s Army

Old Camp Floyd & West Creek

As Seen Through the Eyes of a Relic Hunter

     This was the type of site every relic hunter dreams about. Resting as they had since 1858, the artifacts uncovered included twenty dollar gold pieces, a lady’s 18-karat diamond ring, an officer’s eagle belt plate, and a gold Masonic pin. This untouched site of historical importance was loaded with artifacts, each one a significant piece of a puzzle that was slowly being solved.

     In the book In Search of Johnston’s Army, author Duane Bylund details the discovery of Old Camp Floyd, located at the base of the Oquirrh Mountains in Utah. In the spring of 1857 President James Buchanan organized the Utah Expedition to subdue a supposed Mormon rebellion. A late season start and unexpected Mormon resistance forced the 2,500-strong expedition to winter between the recent burned-out ruins of Fort Bridger and Fort Supply. Locally known as Johnston’s Army, the soldiers marched through Salt Lake City on June 26, 1858, into obscurity. The artifacts discovered by Bylund and detailed in this book shed light on this unit.

     Endowed with drawings and photos, In Search of Johnston’s Army inventories the discoveries. In the process of exploring Old Camp Floyd, secrets that had been hidden for 150 years came to light.

Secrets of the Ring
This is a story that was first published in the April, 2002, Western & Eastern Treasures magazine

Double your fun, with Double Double Eagles!
A small collection of stories that have never been published before - until now

Old Camp Floyd Photos

West Creek Photos

Hidden Treasures
A 2006 newspaper article by Sharon Haddock

Finding Utah’s History
A 2001 newspaper article by Debra Hart

Johnston’s Army Artifacts on Display at Camp Floyd
A 2006 newspaper article by Caleb Warnock

The Treasure of Old Camp Floyd

The author’s entire collection, except for a few coins, has been donated to the Camp Floyd/Stagecoach Inn State Park and Museum in Fairfield, Utah, and to the Fort Douglas Military Museum in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Johnstons Army June 26 1858
Roll Call at Old Camp Floyd 2
Treasure of Old Camp Floyd

In Search of Johnston’s Army

Roll Call at Old Camp Floyd



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