HFL / AeroRex

HFL-AeroRex 1
HFL-AeroRex 3
HFL-AeroRex 2
HFL-AeroRex 4

     As-found photos of an AeroRex superheterodyne based on the High Frequency Labs (HFL) Nine-in-Line superheterodyne kit. Robert Lutz picked this up for me at an auction in the Kansas City area in November, 2022 and I hauled it back to Utah with Rick’s superhets. Two of the original transformers were replaced early on. This was a barn find radio and the cabinet, in fact the entire radio, needs extensive restoration. It will be one hell of a superhet when it’s finished though! The engraved panel is something else and it’s in excellent condition (under all the dirt and grime). The cabinet is super deluxe and massive!

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